Parents Warn Son About Unrealistic Pornography Depicting People In Love

Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels

Worried he might get the wrong idea about sex, parents of 13-year-old Luke Bergman warned him about the kind of unrealistic pornography depicting people in love with each other.

“We just don’t want him to get influenced by an unhealthy representation of sex, and these days, you just don’t even know what’s out there on those messed up websites”, said Mrs. Bergman, who has always made efforts to raise her son to become a good man respectful of women’s emotional unavailability. “What if he meets a girl and he expects her to love him before they have sex?”

“I want my son to know that when he starts having sex, he should respect the fact that some women just want to get f*cked and make you leave when it’s over”, said Mr. Bergman, who believes today’s culture may be having negative consequences on young men’s expectations about sexuality.

Sources reported that shortly after their talk with their son, Mr. and Mrs. Scott had to intervene again when they caught him saying “I love you” to his girlfriend.



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