Man Worried PC Culture Making People Overreact About Dead Kids

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Increasingly aware of the dangers of political correctness, Caleb Holiday is worried it might be making people overreact about things such as dead kids in war-torn countries.

“People are so over-sensitive these days, it’s like it’s impossible to bomb a bunch of innocent children without the woke crowd crying about it”, said Holiday, who fears it will soon become nearly impossible to turn a child into an orphan by killing his whole family through collateral damage.

“I remember things being much different ten years ago, back when people realized that it’s okay not to please everyone. Nowadays, it’s like the mere thought of a kid crying in the middle of his family home’s rubble is enough to make people lose their shit. It’s no wonder, considering these over-sensitive millennials can’t even hold a proper job, let alone pick up a gun and terrorize a village.”

When asked if he had any solutions against political correctness, Holiday suggested we stop cancelling people “who just killed like one kid fifteen years ago.”



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